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Boost your physical and sexual well-being for a happier, healthier, and more confident you with our all-inclusive Testosterone program for as low as $197/month.*

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How does RevitaLife MD treat Low T?

At RevitaLife MD , we specialize in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy specifically for the treatment of Low Testosterone. With our specialized treatment plans, we can help you rejuvenate your energy, body composition, sex drive, and zest for life.

RevitaLife MD's Bioidentical Hormone Therapy program optimizes your hormone levels to help you feel confident. During your initial consultation, you’ll meet with our licensed physician, Dr. Brad Cummins, to discuss your symptoms and your goals for treatment. 

Take advantage of our easy and convenient Virtual Testosterone Replacement Therapy services where we ship your supplies and medication directly to your door.

All-inclusive Testosterone programs

for as low as $197/month

Don't be a statistic.

Take control of your life.

How it Works

For $197/mo your custom treatment plan will provide you with everything you need to restore your energy and feel your best.

Medications - Testosterone, Estrogen Blockers, etc.
Supplies - Syringes and alcohol pads
Custom Wellness Plan - Physician guided treatment
Quarterly Virtual Visits - Monitor progress and check in with your provider
Quarterly follow up blood work - Our program is focused on patient safety and results
Access to discounted ED medications - Save up to 80% on compounded ED Meds
Easy Shipping -  Discreet and convenient delivery to your door

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Speak to one of our medical providers over the phone without any commitment. Get all your questions answered and see if Testosterone replacement therapy is right for you.

Perfect for busy professionals or those who live on the outskirts of town. RevitaLife MD is licensed in the entire states of Kentucky and Indiana.

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Fresh lab work is required for your safety and optimal results.  We are much more detailed than your primary care, and insurance will decline a large portion leaving you with a large bill.  

We get great deals on labs, and dealing with insurance is a waste of time, more expensive, and will just give them more diagnoses to raise your premiums. For only $197, you will receive over $2000 worth of labs and a free consultation worth $400.  Results take only three business days, so there is no delay in dealing with insurance, and we can start right away

Lab Work

During your consult, we conduct a thorough discussion about your health history and review the results of your labs. Our team will develop a personalized treatment plan and go over our recommendations with you.

If you decide to optimize your health through our customized treatment program, we offer simple payment options for continuation of services and discreet shipping to your home or office, starting at $197/mo.

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Our Patient Testimonials

        "I can’t believe the difference how I feel since seeing Dr. Brad. I feel 15 to 20 years younger by just adjusting my hormones slightly. Way to go Revitalife. I also lost weight and feel wonderful.”

- Patient testimonial

           "I started Testosterone Replacement Therapy and within 2 weeks I felt a noticeable difference. I've noticed a more positive mood and have been actually enjoying working out in the gym.”

- Patient testimonial

          "This treatment program has given me back my husband and has re-ignited our marriage. I am so thankful for RevitaLife MD!”

- Patient testimonial

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What causes Low Testosterone?

Testosterone levels peak in early adulthood then start to decline naturally with age. Besides age, there are various conditions that can cause the levels of Testosterone to rapidly decline, leaving you with life-altering side-effects. Symptoms are worsened by a poor diet and lack of sleep.

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RevitaLife MD's Low T Program was created for busy professionals that demand convenience, speed, high performance, and safety.

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Symptoms of low testosterone can creep up on you over time and include:

Decreased energy or stamina

Loss of muscle mass or poor response to exercise

Weaker erections and/or sex drive

Poor mood or irritability

Poor sleep quality or insomnia 
Weight gain

Decreased mental clarity

Decreased enjoyment of life

Deterioration in confidence or work performance

Low testosterone affects many men
 as they age:

Symptoms of low t can start in your 30’s (stress, insomnia, head trauma, meds, etc)

Many men develop symptoms even if total testosterone levels are not critically low, as stress hormones, estrogens, and binding proteins rise with aging

There is no reason to accept this downward slide in energy, mood, body composition, sexual performance, and even work performance and motivation

Treating all of the contributing factors to low t only gets harder every year you wait. The sooner you start, the better you can treat symptoms.

In one report,  90% of U.S. men affected are not being treated...  don’t wait!

Feel better, perform better at home and at work, have the best sex of your life, and live a more vibrant life...  why not?

All virtual appointments are performed over a secure and HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform.

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Once your information has been reviewed and you have been approved for our program, we will schedule you for a physical exam in a clinic nearby, or we can use your annual exam with your own primary care physician